Impact of COVID to Services

Thank you for visiting my web page.  Below is a description of the impact of COVID on scheduling based on the most recent guidelines provided by the State of Washington. 

Beginning April 3, 2023, masks are no longer required in healthcare settings, and providers and offices can make their own masking guidelines.  I share a waiting room with other mental health providers, and we may have different policies regarding masking in our individual offices.   In general, I am now seeing clients and their families without a mask.  

For families who consent to and are able to use videoconferencing, we can meet via a telehealth video platform for the initial interview and feedback appointments   All work with the student is in-person.  When scheduling appointments, we can mutually determine whether we will meet in-person or via telehealth for the interview and/or feedback. 

 My policies regarding limiting exposure to illness and masking are as follows:

  • The client, and individuals accompanying the client to appointments, will only keep in-person appointments if they are symptom-free. If the client has symptoms of the coronavirus, including (but not limited to) sore throat, fever, nausea, diarrhea, loss of smell, or cough, they are expected to notify me.
  • Upon request, the client will wear a mask which covers their nose and mouth in all areas of the office. I will also wear a mask upon request by a client or caregiver.
  • If a resident of the client’s home tests positive for the infection, or they have been exposed to any individuals with coronavirus, they are expected to  immediately let me know. We will then determine if sessions will be suspended or rescheduled. I will also notify clients I have seen in-person if I test positive for the coronavirus, so they can take appropriate precautions.

Please contact me via the email link on my website if you would like to obtain more information about assessment.  We will schedule a brief phone chat to determine if my services are a good fit and to answer your questions directly.  New client assessments are typically available about six months in the future. 

Be well,

Dr. Anne

This page was last updated 4/12/2023 and will be updated if there are significant changes to my practice.