Impact of COVID-19 to Services

Thank you for visiting my web page.  Below is a description of the current services and support I am offering, and the impact of COVID-19 on scheduling based on the most recent guidelines provided by the State of Washington.

At this time, I am using a telehealth video platform for all initial and feedback appointments for families who consent and are able to use videoconferencing.  Anyone participating in the telehealth interview or feedback must be in the state of Washington at the time of this call, as I am not licensed to deliver services across state lines.  Assessments involve an interview, in-person testing with the student, gathering of data from other sources, and a feedback appointment.  Both the interview and feedback appointment can be done virtually, but work with the student is in-person.

With respect to the in-person testing, there are procedures in place to minimize the sharing of testing materials between myself and students.  Additionally, other safeguards are in place to reduce contact with others during these appointments.   As part of the intake procedure, we will discuss other safety measures and concerns to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

Please contact me via phone (360-961-9766), or the email link on my website, if you would like to obtain more information about assessment.  We will schedule a brief phone chat to determine if my services are a good fit and to answer your questions directly.

Be well,

Dr. Anne

This page was last updated 2/3/2021 and will be updated if there are significant changes to my practice.